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What is Dance Therapeutics Movement Mastery?

Deb Rubin's Dance Therapeutics: Movement Mastery is a multi-phase, multi-discipline

training program that provides you with the building blocks, the techniques, the tools, and the

inquiry process for expanding your dance and becoming the artist you want to be.  This training

program is based in Deb Rubin's signature methods to unlock, unwind, condition, and build your

belly dance body, helping you get MORE out of your dancing body, your creativity, your

performance, and maximizing your potential.  You will learn the road map to your body, why

fascia plays a key role in understanding movement and your dancing body, and you will gain a

new integrative dancer anatomy perspective with a cutting-edge fascial approach to unlocking the

body that will allow you to get more movement, grace, extension, and expression out of your body

and more refinement and possibilities out of your dancing.  Learn Deb Rubin's signature methods

for refining your Tribal technique, artistry-building, performance, movement mastery, and, in level 4, teaching skills.  These skills and this knowledge base will help you get rid of pain and tension in your body, radically improve your movement / dance technique, improve your body awareness, improve your classroom skills, improve your quality of life, and, as Sherri Wheatley said after she completed Level 1, is a game changer for your dance path.


                                                                   With 20 years experience working in the field of mind/body medicine and 30+ years in the                                                                                   dedicated study and performance of many genres of dance, Deb has created Dance Therapeutics,                                                                       a multi-leveled, accredited training program and apprenticeships as a pathway to support dancers                                                                     in deepening their self-knowledge, self-care, somatic intelligence, and empowerment while they                                                                         strive and train to become the professional dancer they want to be.  Blending the best of science                                                                         and artistry, ancient wisdom and modern research, the program offers healthy tools to refine                                                                               dancers' artistic medium, the body, for optimal performance and radiant living and presents a                                                                             path for cultivating embodied artistry in the studio, on the stage, and in life.

                                                                                          Find out more about Dance Therapeutics for ATS® Specialty Track!



Dance Therapeutics is a new somatic approach to Belly Dance, applicable also to all forms of dance, movement, and Yoga.  What does that mean?  It means that through the 4-level program, you receive world-class dance and conditioning training, artistic development skills, tribal technique and vocabulary, contemporary dance cross-training, Deb Rubin's signature serpentine slink secrets and stylized dance phrases, as well as creative process development to begin to build your own unique voice and stage performance development.  The path to GET you there is unique; the methods are inter-disciplinary, integrative, and holistic, sourced from 20+ years of research and exploration in the ancient wisdom of Yoga and the modern wisdom of cutting-edge somatics, bodywork and healing arts modalities, fascia, movement sciences outside of belly dance, and are directly applied to your dancing body to give you more access, more control, more fluidity, more tools, more direction, and more confidence in your dancing.  This unique synergy provides you a comprehensive and truly integrative approach not just to your dancing path, but to any injury, tension pattern, or body/mind issue.  Get the keys to unlock your body, uplevel your artistry, and transform your life. 

Learn to embody, inhabit, and express your artistry as a lifestyle path: 

This training program was developed to address the missing pieces of your dance education 

and help you fill in the gaps.  Beyond simply copying a choreography or memorizing

movement phrases, you will learn to understand the 'HOW' and the 'WHY' behind your

movements, how to get MORE out of your body and artistry, deepen your movement quality,

refine your form, and develop a personal practice uniquely tailored to your body's needs and

your dance goals.  Get at the root of your body's storytelling, explore your own mind/body

connection, and learn how to cultivate the deepest embodiment of your art form.  Radically

refine your technique and enhance your artistry, while also receiving efficient, effective tools

for healthy living, daily practice, injury rehabilitation and prevention, and dancer longevity. 

Dance Therapeutics as a mind/body/soul path to embodied artistry:

Off the mat, into the dance, and into every aspect of your life, Dance Therapeutics helps you reduce pain, relieve tension, and increase strength and flexibility.  It improves body control and aligns body and mind for optimal performance.  At its essence, it's about awakening somatic intelligence and fine-tuning the body - your artistic tool - so that you can thrive in both your art and your life.  When the body is free and relaxed, the mind will follow, creativity can blossom, and a natural state of flow can ensue.

Throughout 10 years of honing and teaching this material worldwide, this body of work has moved beyond simply physical rehabilitation and therapy to also address the emotional and psycho-spiritual aspects of dance and performance.  As there is no separation between body and mind, opening up tension patterns in your body also frees your mind to release unwanted holdings, awaken creativity, and drop in to flow states.  We provide you the safe space and qualified facilitators to explore these important aspects in your artistic journey.  With consistency of practice over time, Dance Therapeutics aids you in walking the artist's path and embodying your artistry as a lifestyle, beyond the dance studio. 


Dance Therapeutics has become Deb's foundational approach to all movement.  These protocols radically improve dance technique and deepen movement quality to bring dancers from beginner to advanced in a shorter amount of time.  These practices increase grace, fluid transitions, balance, performance artistry, confidence, and presence both on and off the stage. Dance Therapeutics has become her basis for teaching dance technique from the inside out.

Dance Therapeutics is a living system and is ever-evolving to continue to bring you the most cutting-edge wisdom of somatic disciplines and physical therapies, integrated with the ancient wisdom of Yoga and the healing arts, applied specifically to the needs, demands, and artistry of your dancer body.  

Please join us in the studio, on retreat, or in individual sessions to experience these benefits for yourself! 


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Join our Global Tribe!

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