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Now you can deepen your practice with us from the comfort of your own home.

Check out our 2 newest ONLINE offerings:

Dance Therapeutics For ATS® Online Series

Carolena Nericcio, Director of American Tribal Style® Dance, and Deb Rubin, Creator of Dance Therapeutics, join forces to bring you this 13-class Dance Therapeutics series geared specifically to your ATS® body and dance needs.  ATS® movement vocabulary is broken down through the lens of Dance Therapeutics and warm-up sequences are given to prepare your body for the specific aspects of ATS® covered in each class.  Learn how to unlock your body, improve your dance, and transform your life.  Dance Therapeutics mat practices are led by Deb and ATS® lead-and-follow dance sections are led by Carolena and/or members of Fat Chance Belly Dance®.

Integrative Anatomy for Dancers: Fascia, Form, & FLow Online Course

First of its kind!  Learn the roadmap to understanding your dancing body.  Go beyond just learning origin and insertion points and function of individual muscles; that only gives a limited picture.  This course brings you a more accurate and comprehensive exploration of the human body in motion, through the integrated, whole body patterning of the myofascial system.  This groundbreaking course explores the belly dancing body and the Yogini body through the lens of fascia.  The course includes an introduction to fascia (what it is, what it does in the body, and why it is crucial for dancers and movers to know about) and a thorough breakdown of the anatomy trains (myofascial meridians of the body) as mapped by Tom Myers.  Each class video is broken down into 3 segments:  Anatomy lecture with a visual handout link, the direct application into your moving body through Yoga asana, and, in part 3, direct application to belly dance movement vocabulary in a dancing section of basic belly dance technique and combos.  In this way, you will learn a deeply embodied and practical approach to understanding your own body in motion along with tools to improve your self-care.

All dance and yoga levels welcome.

Integrative Anatomy for Dancers is a course complement for all of Deb Rubin's Dance Therapeutics LIVE trainings 

and is a requirement for certification in Dance Therapeutics Level 1.

Don't forget to check out our full library of yoga, belly dance, core, and fitness classes

in the online studio.  

Try single classes or class packs or get unlimited access to all of them with the brand new 

ALL ACCESS PASS monthly subscription (does not include the above listed specialty Therapeutics courses).


Embodied Artistry ONLINE Training & Coaching Programs:  A Transformational Upgrade

Enhance Your Dance, Improve Your Health, Transform Your Life. 

2019 dates coming soon...


Embodied Artistry Fall ONLINE Transformation & Group Coaching Course

Join me for this holistic, whole-person approach to our dance and artistry training.  This 5-week fall transformation focuses on all aspects of YOU: physical, emotional, and artistic.  Through 

the physical practices of Tribal Fusion belly dance, core conditioning, Yoga, organic whole food and superfoods nutrition;  the emotional work of addressing and moving through psychological blocks that get in the way of us manifesting our dreams; and your artistic cultivation through guided exercises, coaching, homework, and tribe support, you will instill successful habits for sustainable results in all areas of your dance and life.


After the expansion of summer, fall is a great time to bring attention back in, re-connect to yourself, re-focus your goals and vision for your health and your life.  The time is NOW to start living the life of your dreams.  Why wait?! 

With professional coaching guidance, accountability, program design, and support from Deb Rubin and a community of supportive peers, you will build a home practice, improve your dance technique and your self-care, get nutritional tools for healthy living, receive weekly inspiration for an inspired, confident life, and focus on action steps to reach your goals in the dance studio, on the stage, and in life.  

VIP Artists Receive:

- 1 weekly group webinar or coaching call on different topics, 40 minutes - 1 hour, 5 webinars in total.  Webinars will be recorded for you to listen to at your leisure, if you miss a call.
- 1 tribal fusion belly dance technique daily practice with drills each week, 5 classes in total.
- 1 core yoga practice and meditation for self-care each week, 5 classes in total.

- Weekly health tips, recipes, and nutrition support for improved brainpower and balanced, sustained energy to fuel your life, every Monday in your email inbox.

- 2 Private, individualized 45-minute coaching calls with Deb Rubin during week 1 and week 3 and 1 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching call during week 5.

- An accountability buddy to check in with each week. 

QUEEN Artists Receive:

- Everything included in the VIP pack, plus 2 extra 60-minute 1-on-1 coaching calls with Deb Rubin during weeks 2 and 4, which means you will receive 1-on-1 coaching calls each week for 5 weeks for maximum support and accountability to achieve your dreams and make the desired changes in your life.


Launch yourself to the next level of fully living your dreams, with no excuses - 

only support, accountability, motivation, and community.

Through this program, you will: 

- Clarify your vision and goals for your dance path and your life.

- Implement a personalized action plan with Deb to achieve those goals.

- Get healthy and lean in your body, strong in your core, more energized.

- Learn how to feed and fuel your body with both primary and secondary foods. 
- Clean up your belly dance technique and expand your dance through Deb Rubin's world-class teaching methods and practices.

- Learn Deb Rubin's signature core methods for taking your Tribal Fusion belly dance to the next level of refinement, artistry, and poise.
- Deepen your Yoga and daily home practice, ritual, intention.
- Receive seasoned coaching support to help you clarify your vision and goals, move through emotional blocks that inhibit you from realizing the life of your dreams, and help in designing a training program unique to you to support your vision. 

- Receive seasoned coaching support and group accountability to keep on track with your goals.
- Increase your self-confidence.

- Be accountable to our group, your accountability buddy, and your coach.

- Step outside of your comfort zone. 
- Receive and give group support in our online tribe, Facebook group and weekly group webinar calls. 
- Feel healthier, more fit, and more inspired in your dance training.

- Make new friends and be a part of a global community.

- Have fun!

It takes 28 days to create a habit.  At the end of these 5 weeks, you will have created new training habits, ingrained new positive thought patterns, formed healthier habits in your body and mind and life, gotten a better handle on your scheduling, prioritized yourself and your self-care, received new inspiration for your artistic path and your life, and you will have had an extra week to sear these habits into long-term success. 

Join me in this full EMBODIED ARTISTRY transformation!

My vision of Embodied Artistry ONLINE course: Along with your physical training of tribal fusion belly dance and Yoga and core conditioning and nutrition advice to enhance your dance, you will also get coaching support to move through emotional blocks, design a daily practice, create healthy habits in body, mind, and creativity.  This course addresses all aspects of your life for a whole-person, full-bodied transformation.  We bring ALL of who we are into the dance studio, so why not focus on becoming the best YOU you can be?  This course will help you create the space in your busy life for daily self-care, a personal practice, an individualized program geared specifically to help you reach your goals efficiently and fully, with the help of a professional, seasoned coach and a group of amazing women also on this path.  Transform your health, your life, your dance, and watch your artistic goals thrive! 

2 different price options:

VIP seat price: $199 advance purchase           $299 full price ($650 value)    

Queen's seat price: $399 advance purchase        $499 full price ($850 value)

* Upon registration, you will be sent a welcome email with the detailed schedule, weekly topics, and what to expect.  The email will be sent to the PayPal address received with payment. 

* Group size is limited. 

* All sales are final.  No refunds are available. 

PayPal: to reserve your VIP or Queen's seat and say YES to taking charge of your health, dance, and life. 



The Art of Improvization & How to Craft Your Solo: 5-Week ONLINE Course


I’d love constructive critique, feedback, and guidance on my solo from a knowledgeable, experienced professional!

How do I improve my improvisation skills, build my confidence, and create a daily practice?
How do I source fresh ideas that feel uniquely me?

What IS my own original voice?

I need help creating a solo!

Where do I even start?

If you have asked yourself these questions recently, then this course is for you.


In this 5-week online group course, learn how to:

- Structure either a solo improvisation performance or a solo choreography for stage.

- Improve your confidence.

- Build your improvisation muscle and your artistry development muscle with Deb's step-by-step practice methods.

- Chart your music.

- Prepare the steps to make your solo stage-ready.

- Develop yourself as an artist and find more of your artistic voice.


Through this step-by-step process, you will learn tools to approach the process of creating a solo for stage, so that you will feel less daunted, more confident, inspired, and in control of your creativity.  Deb will guide you through the process from zero to stage and you will have the added benefit of support from a group of friends, a tribe, dancers on the same journey.  The

result is a product of which you can be proud, that is uniquely your creation, a creative process structure you can repeat for future solos, and new friends and dance sisters.


The course includes:

- Weekly webinars with Deb and the group.  All the webinars are recorded for future viewing, if you have to miss a call.

- Weekly homework assignments to take you through Deb’s step-by-step method to access your creativity, build your improvization muscle, and begin to craft your dance. 

- Group Facebook support

- Accountability buddies to keep you on track and provide extra support and community.

- 1-on-1 coaching with Deb to help shape your piece and receive critique, suggestions, etc.


WEEK 1:   EMPTY THE VESSEL: Intro to Improv; From the Inside Out; Cultivating the Creative Habit 

WEEK 2:   PRACTICE MAKES PROFICIENT: Building Your Improv Muscle; Charting your Music


WEEK 4:   Individual 1-hour coaching calls with Deb to work 1-on-1 with you on your piece; no webinar this week.

WEEK 5:  THE ARC & THE FULL PACKAGE: Costume, Story, Contrast, Emotion: Adding Elements for Stage


Three price point options:

  1. Regular $199: Includes 3 group webinars, 1 60-minute private lesson on Skype with Deb, access to the Facebook group, an accountability buddy, and weekly homework assignments.

  2. Deluxe $289: Includes 2 60-minute private lessons on Skype with Deb to be scheduled during week 4 and week 5

  3. Serious Pro $359: Includes 3 60-minute private lessons on Skype with Deb to be scheduled during week 3, week 4, and either week 5 or after the course ends.

* Limited space is available.

* All sales are final.  No refunds are available.

To register: PayPal 


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