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What is Yoga Therapeutics Training?

At their essence, Deb Rubin's Therapeutics programs are an APPROACH to movement and an APPROACH to unwinding tension patterns in the body and restoring the body to optimal health.  It is an approach designed from marrying the ancient wisdom of Yoga asana with leading-edge movement and fascia research.  This approach, that blends ancient with modern and science with artistry, can be applied to any  body in motion: Yoga asana, athletics, functional movement, or dance. 

The information, concepts, practices, and tools at the core of Deb Rubin's Dance Therapeutics programs are also at the core of Yoga Therapeutics.  In Yoga Therapeutics however, all the foundational principals and information are directly applied to the moving YOGA body. 

Deb Rubin's Yoga Therapeutics workshops are great for established Yoga teachers who want continuing education or inspired Yogis interested in learning how to deepen their practice, cultivate fluidity and graceful transitions, more deeply develop their core to support full body movement patterning, and explore circular spiral pathways of movement beyond linear asana for fuller, more integrative functional movement pathways and joint health.

At the root of Deb's somatic, integrative approach to movement is an understanding of the fascial system of the body, integrative anatomy, and the interconnectivity of the different muscles, bones, tissues throughout the fascial web.  In Deb's Yoga Therapeutics program, you will learn about fascia and its key role in movement, integrative anatomy for yogis, and Tom Meyer's Anatomy Trains directly applied to your Yoga asana.  You will experience how this embodied understanding of the spirals, coils, circles, and waves inherent in the human body (and all of nature) can transform your Yoga practice on the mat and your functional movement in everyday life.  If you are a Yoga practitioner or Yoga teacher, Deb Rubin's Yoga Therapeutics will give you expanded knowledge and tools to take your Yoga teaching to the next level, offering safe, effective, therapeutic adjustments, practice sequences, and somatic knowledge to your students to empower them in their own practice and self-sensing. 

Through Deb Rubin's Therapeutics programs, you will gain a deeper understanding of the make-up and interconnectivity of the human body, particularly the human body in MOTION.  This information is applicable to dancers, Yogis, and anyone who wants to increase mobility and ease in their daily life.  Whether you are a high-level athlete, a weekend warrior, a dance hobbyist, or a person simply looking to get out of pain, Deb's Therapeutics programs will give you tools and knowledge to improve your body's health and to strengthen your core and your confidence and your desire to feel great every day. 

Topics Offered in Deb Rubin's Yoga Therapeutics Workshops

*Lower Body Therapeutics: Unlocking & Balancing Hips, Back, Legs

*Upper Body Therapeutics: Shoulders, Side Body, Spine

*Awakening the Fluid Core

*Healthy Backbending

*Fascia, Form, and Flow

*Fluid Spine, Fluid Mind

*The Serpentine Skeleton

* Yoga Therapeutics for Scoliosis

*Yoga Therapeutics for Lower Back - A Somatic Approach

*Yoga Therapeutics for Back, Neck, Shoulders - A Somatic Approach

*Demystifying the Psoas

*The Illustrious IT Band

*Core 2.0: Coiling & Uncoiling

*Your Deep Core: How to differentiate the layers of the core using deep core for postural support and superficial core for fluidity

*The Real Core Power

*Yoga Therapeutics for Teachers: Cueing and Adjustments  (continuing ed.)

*Yoga Therapeutics for Teachers: Core, Coiling, & Waves  (continuing ed.)

*Yoga Therapeutics for Teachers:  De-constructing Core  (continuing ed.)

*Yoga Therapeutics for Teachers:  The Art of Flow  (continuing ed.)

To host Deb for Yoga Therapeutics workshops in your area, contact: 

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