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How is Dance Therapeutics Beneficial for Me?

Dance Therapeutics is a new somatic approach to Belly Dance and all forms of dance and movement, intended to foster your deepest embodiment of the art form, radically refine your technique and enhance your artistry, while also giving you tools for healthy living, daily practice, injury rehab and prevention, and dancer longevity. 

The Dance Therapeutics curriculum will help you unlock your tight psoas, release strain on your IT band, and improve mobility in your shoulder girdle.  In this program you will learn important integrative dancer anatomy and how to roll out body tension and open the body to greatly benefit your dance.  The physical benefits are profound and the changes I see in dancers' structure and movement abilities in just a few hours inspire me greatly.  Yet, did you know that the body can be an access point into the mind and soul?  Both Somatic Psychology and ancient Eastern wisdom and traditions, such as Yoga, remind us that all of our emotions, histories, traumas, joys, life experiences live in the tissues of the body and the body can be a vessel for spiritual and emotional transformation.  By unlocking tension in the body, we can unlock stuck places in the mind and soul.  What does this mean for you, the dancer?  Basically, that in addition to the physical benefits, we have found from 10 years of teaching and honing this material that Dance Therapeutics workshops and home practice material also have profound and lasting effects on dancers' creativity, performance quality, emotional states, nervous system, sense of self, ability to retain and create choreographies, and cultivation of their own unique artistic development. 

Going beyond technique, beyond specific moves or dance vocabulary, Dance Therapeutics connects you to your deep core underneath, the mover behind the movements, the source of your creativity, inspirations, new ideas.  From studio to stage, to living artfully on the planet, while maintaining integrity with the teachings and lineages of tribal fusion that move through you, make the dance your own by cultivating your own fluid core, creative voice, self-sensing, and somatic expression.  When you dance from this place of dropped-in presence, breath, deep core and self-connection, with meticulously fine-tuned somatic awareness and control - over the intrinsics, over your movement pathways, over your articulation of tissues in both the deep and superficial layers - it becomes inherently yours, uniquely yours,  your own individual expression.

This training program is designed to be a transformative, supportive supplement for all your other dance training, yoga training, and/or bodywork training, with whichever stylization or teacher you choose.  It is intended to give you, the dancer, better tools for self-care, self-knowledge, biomechanics for movement, healthy practices, and a deeper understanding and embodiment of the dancer’s artistic tool: the body, which you can then bring with you into any class, performance, or artistic endeavor you choose.      



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