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Join us for Dance Therapeutics in the following ways:


Individual topics offered.  For information and booking inquiries for Deb to teach a workshop in your area, please contact us. 



Start your journey toward optimizing your mobility, unlocking tension patterns, empowering your health, and helping others do the same with Deb Rubin's Yoga Therapeutics and Dance Therapeutics trainings and certification programs.  These programs are for you if  you want to feel better in your body, get out of pain, move with more ease, grace, and fluidity; if you are a Yoga teacher, a physical therapist, or a movement practitioner and want to deepen your practice or gain invaluable tools to help your students (and yourself) in a deeper, more efficient, safer, more integrated way for lasting results and sustainable transformation; if you are a dancer or performance artist looking to enhance your dance, refine your technique, access flow states, deepen your movement quality, and refine your artistic voice through your BODY.  Email us directly at: to find out if this path is right for you.  We offer Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 Teacher Training, as well as our Embodied Artistry apprenticeship program for those committed to deepening their practice and regular application of Dance and /or Yoga Therapeutics principles in their own life and who want 1-on-1 direct coaching support from Deb and community support from a group of other like-minded leaders and peers on this path. 


 2019 dates to be added soon.


Join us to immerse in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Yoga, creativity cultivation, therapeutics, and to relish in supportive community while you focus 100% on your own self- care, study, and healing...away from the stresses of your everyday life.  Enhance your dance, deepen your Yoga, and nourish your soul in the magic of these locations in paradise.   

    Annual Bali Retreat with Deb: New dates coming soon.

    Costa Rica EMBODY Retreat:  New dates coming soon.    

    Kauai 10-day Embodied Artistry Immersion:  New dates coming soon.   

If you are interested in partnering with Deb Rubin to host a Yoga Therapeutics

or Dance Therapeutics training or an Embodied Artistry Retreat,

email us at:





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