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BOOK A SESSION WITH DEB:                                                                                



Whether you are a professional dancer or a weekend warrior, rehabilitating from a chronic or                                                 

acute injury, or simply looking for support and guidance for a healthier, more vibrant and

empowered life, I'd love to work with you to help you meet your dance, health, and lifestyle goals.


A Fluid Spine = A Fluid Mind  

When we feel good in our bodies, we feel good in our minds; we have more capacity to meet life's stresses and challenges with presence, fluidity, and grace.  From the yoga mat, to the dance, to learning how to live embodied and artfully on the planet, this is

the art of personal practice, The Living Yoga, a path for long-term, sustainable health.  This is the foundation of my approach to our

work together; it is a truly holistic method.  


I offer individualized sessions, either in person or via Skype, tailored to your specific needs.  Each session weaves together the science of health and medicine with the embodied artistry and ancient wisdom of yoga and dance, to inspire you towards your fullest self, and help you become the artist that you want to be.  Whether you would like performance coaching, assistance creating your next choreography, improving your dance technique and vocabulary, creating a sustainable personal yoga practice, strengthening your core, unlocking tension in the body, or rehabilitating an old injury, a one-on-one personalized session is a great way to assist you on your path, jumpstart your training, and take your health and dance to the next level. 


I offer a leading-edge, interdisciplinary, transformational approach to wellness, stress-reduction, fitness, and injury rehabilitation, 

combined with the embodied artistry and creative coaching of a professional performance artist.  




$120         for 1 hour Skype session

$399/mo.  for your series package of OPTIMAL RESULTS including:

                 * 4 coaching sessions/month (1 hour session/week)

                 * weekly homework & accountability

                 * email access to Deb throughout the week

                 * a personalized practice designed for you by Deb, tailor-made to your specific goals, needs, and schedule

                 * mindset training and support to help you reach your goals









Schedule your 30 min.

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