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“I just want to say thank you!  I feel like you have given me my life back.  I have so much less knee, psoas, and therefore lower back pain from doing Deb’s Dance Therapeutics practices, as well as Deb’s amazing shoulder girdle openers.  I recommend this to all dancers.  It's changed my life. " 

                                 ~Devi Mamak, Australia

                                              Director of Ghawazee Caravan Dance Co.

                                                  ATS® & Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer, Teacher

                                                  Internationally Touring Artist

                                                  Dance Therapeutics Level 1 Certified, 2018

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"Every dancer needs this.  It is invaluable, especially as we get older and want to dance without pain.  I had multiple breakthroughs, and 'ah ha' moments during the training.  With Deb's instruction, we were able to unlock the root of what was really going on in my body, break down the mechanics, and exactly what muscle groups we were using to articulate those movements.  I realized exactly how to correct my bad habits, and got a plan to fix them.  I saw just how dramatic the changes were in my body and my dancing. I am incredibly grateful.  Dance Therapeutics Level 1 was a complete GAMECHANGER for me.  By the time I left, I felt incredible!  180 degree difference.  Thank you, Deb! 

                                         ~Sherri Wheatley, USA

                               Internationally-Acclaimed Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer




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